More About Me

Here is more about me with an acrostic poem…

Mean Girls is one of my favourite movies

Amazing at making cupcakes

Ridiculously nice to people 

YouTubers I love are Zoella, PointlessBlog, Nerdy Nummies, Pentatonix and Miranda Sings

10 thoughts on “More About Me

  1. Very cool on how you made facts about you into an acrostic poem! I am also very good at making cupcakes! Its so much fun. Miranda Sings is one of my favorite youtubers too!

  2. Hi Mary! My name is Lauren. I also love Mean Girls and even though I do not make cupcakes, I definitely love eating them! How did you get into baking cupcakes?

  3. Hey Mary,
    I thought it was an absolutely amazing idea to express yourself to the world through an acrostic poem. It definitely helped me get to know you better! Mean Girls is also one of my favorite movies and I have seen Zoella and Miranda Sings in so many collab videos on Youtube. My favorite Youtubers are Kian and Jc. Did you ever watch their videos? My blog is
    – Ella

  4. Hi Mary,
    I too enjoy the movie “Mean Girls”. My favorite part is when Lohan writes in the book. What is your favorite part?

    – Aidan

  5. Hi Mary
    I cant believe that you love the movie Mean girls to. Me and my sister love that movie. I also love how you are really nice to people because I am to. check out my blog sometime here is my URL
    WAIT I have one thing before I go… i’m a mouse duh lol

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